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The only thing that disapppoints me is that they did have enough room for one of either Carmelina, Anti-Pop, IBAWSIWYM or All Together. You woukd guess they would at least put Carmalina on it, but oh well. Despite my bitching, the set looks incredible.

I would guess, but other than that, ditto.

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Guest Prosis
The http://www.inacoma.ca/index_partone.php page states this:



Flashdance II

Man from Harold Wood

My Life As A Circus Clown

Intermezzo: M Good v. M Trolley

Flight Recorder from Viking 7

Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance

The Fine Art of Falling Apart



Born to Kill

Enjoy the Silence



So this is a confirmation that Lo Fi has been included in the deluxe set?

No... ;)

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VERY VERY disappointed there's NO song from AOB... specially because it is my most favorite album and my most favorite song is "the rat..." ;) Matt may not consider this album as something positive or his favorite, but it is part of his production and i dont understand why he just ignored it, and he only includes songs from the album in the acoustic section and in the videos part...


for me, not to include any track in the regular list is some sorta a "disdainful gesture" towards AOB and his fans who like this album


feel very very disappointed, I repeat again...

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I swear MG fans aren't happy unless they're complaining about something. How many artists would put out such a good package for their greatest hits? Most artists record a song or two, yet this has two new songs, a 37 minute acoustic performance of several tracks, the re-release of two EPs and a DVD with all the music videos and commentary, among other features.


I'd say that AoB tracks, It's Been Awhile Since I Was Your Man, and All Together (which is being released for free anyway) not being on the main disc are very minor oversights.


Hey the more MG the better, but you people do own his previous albums and know how to make your own compilation CDs, right? If you want it's been awhile, Carmelina or whatever on it, burn another copy or make an alternate playlist for your iPod. It's really not a big deal.


Saying that MG omitting Aob tracks is a distainful gesture towards the fans who like the album is an assinine statement too, I'm sorry.



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I was going to ask someone if they'd be kind enough to host pony boy online because all the links I can find on this site are dead but now that I know it's coming out maybe I'll just wait and bide my time.


The new album is going to be fantastic. I've a friend that works at HMV and I'm going to do my best to see if she'll "hold" a DVD-included copy of the set for me...here's wishing, eh?


LotGA is my least favourite album but that's neither here nor there. ;)

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We'll there is Tripoli and Truffle Pigs... who knows Juanpe, there might be more in his slideshow thing.


Refer to this: http://www.nearfantastica.com/albums/iac/


I saw atleast 3 AoB songs so don't worry.

thanx, Anton... it's just that i got so pissed off not to see any AOB song in the regular disk(s)...

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AoB is a very good album and deffinatly one of my favorites. Carmelina is avery good song and one that was very popular for Matt.


However, this album is going to be amazing. I don't think there will be anything any of us own that will compare to this. It will probably be my favorite album of all time.


To get to have songs like Advertising on Police cars and Prime time Deliverance (amoung others) as well as some amazing classics in an acoustic version as well as 17 of my favorite songs of all time in one package is something none of us should complain about.


If I was releasing something to the public and part of what I had made I didn't like, that part would probably get left out too. On top of that, it wouldn't be possible to fit all the songs we want on it on one disk anyway.

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yeah, i apologize for having complained... i just got angry without really having a look at the complete sets in the different CDs... sorry for my answer before, you are right: we shouldnt complain because it is very complete

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^^^^^ Agreed. This will be amazing, I was just being an idiot last night.


(Although I hate to say this, and I don't want to call this complaining, because IAC looks amazing, but why is Rico, a song that wasn't as big a hit as... say Carmelina, on there, and a song Matt has said he really dislikes, yet Carmelina isn't on? Again, not trying to complain, I'm very anxious for IAC)

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I have to agree. Carmelina is a better song than Rico in my opinion. But it's not my creation to decide what is better or what gets put on my compilation. Who really cares anyway? We all have the song and we get the video in the package for those that don't have it.

Like it's been said....we can't complain.

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