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Any artists who sound like MG that you know of?

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anton, what did we learn in english ;) .... you never use a adjective before "unique"


anyways... ill keep my eyes and ears open and try to find someone that is similar to matt good.

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Not really, i dont notice any similarities myself.

I know that a few people who like listening to Matt like listening to REM though. Maybe there is a similarity but i am not sure once again.

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It's like once you've had Matt, you can never go back . ;) I haven't found anyone else with a voice as addictive and perfect as his. The music is amazing too. I like Coldplay (The Scientist) and The Verve, but neither come close to how much I like MG. I'll check out REM sometime to see if I like them and if I hear any similarities.

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So if Matt's voice is so great... then why aren't there more fans? ;)

Im not saying he doesnt have enough, but if he has the "greatest" voice there should be more. I agree his voice is the best, but there are a lot of people who complain about it.

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