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Wow! I've gotten SO into this band in a huge way. There are 15 members in the band (4 of which only appear on one track) and I've got to say, their CD (funeral) is damn near perfect. There isn't one track I dislike, and there are many that have reached the top on my "most played" list. Outstanding track include (but aren't limited to)

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

Neighborhood #4 (Power Out)

Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)

Wake Up (which features all 15 members)

In The Backseat


I seriously recommend this album to anyone who is up for something different.

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I love this album. Fav tracks: Tunnels, Laika, Une Sans Lumiere (lol, I always forget the full name), Power Out, Wake Up, Rebellion, and In The Backseat. And that's basically all of them, except for Crown of Love and 7 Kettles. Still, they're both awesome tracks. Haven't listened to this album for about half a year now, I'm gonna have to pull it out again. ;)

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I got this CD, but my friend left it in Montreal, so i have yet to hear it...

He finally gave it to me Friday, i like it, bt i think it was over-hyped. We'll see though, as i haven't listened to it more than twice.

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I really don't get all the hype about this band... they're okay and all, but I would never buy their album or listen to their songs really either. And I agree that the Broken Social Scene is probably way better than The Arcade Fire too.

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