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So we've got nine songs, totals about 27 - 32 minutes. (Definitely short, by our standards; it's a concept album, very direct and folky and poppy)



EP or LP?


Those bastards in Sum 41 can't decide either. Half Hour of Power was just as long as All Killer, No Filler and Does This Look Infected, but HHOP was an EP.




In my opinion, if an album is less than 45 minutes, and i paid $14.99+, i feel like i got ripped off. Of course we aren't charging that much, this is just a question i've never had a reason to ask before...


Are nine songs in the neighbourhood of a half-hour an EP?

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an ep is 6 songs or less.. it has nothing to do with time, as the mars volta's frances the mute is 5 songs, and over 70 minutes, but the last track is split into 8 parts so as to legally avoided being an ep

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If he did pull it out of his ass, he must have quite an intelligent ass.



Typically an album(LP) has eight or more tracks (anywhere between 30-60 minutes), a single only one or two (5-15 minutes), and an EP four to eight (or around 15-35 minutes.).


I don't know that they're hard-and-fast rules, but rather general guidelines... or whatever.

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how do you know that? are you just pulling this out of your ass? documentation, plz.

contact universal records and/or the mars volta

do i look like i have time for that?


do it for me, and tell omar i got that fruit basket he sent.

the pineapples were divine.

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