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So You Think You Can Dance

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I have a horrible confession to make.


I have become addicted to a poisonous slice of FOX reality TV: So you think you can dance.


I have seen every episode exacept for the first one, and last week's (my friend forced me to watch Donnie Darko for whicj I am most grateful).


The host is a frightening plastic faced perky robot-like excuse for a human, but aside from that, I find that I have a developed a strange fondness for this pathetic show.


I was wondering if anyone else has sunk as low as me and allowed themsleves to be ensnared in this evil.

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Isn't the host weird looking? Her face is like a horrible car accident - I'm disgusted, but at the same time, I can't bring myself to look away.


As far as the actual show ... I'm not into it. I'm a young woman in her early twenties, but I don't understand todays "dancing". And I can't stand to watch the hip-hoppers attempt ballroom dancing. It was interesting for a minute, but got stale quick.

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I don't watch it religiously, but i do think its a good show. I think it takes far more talent and far less phoniness to be a dancer than it does to be a pop star who doesn't write his/her own songs.

With that said, it's still phony (mainly because of the judges) but it's an alright show to catch. Some of them have skillzzzz boiiiii.



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