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Would You Shut Your Stupid Ranch Tooth Up!

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Okay Okay...this commercial has been around for roughly 2-3 weeks....what its everyone's opinion...personally, I love the ranch tooth...he stands up for what he believes in, he never backs down...and damn thats a nice hat he's sporting! That's one damn funny tooth


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Stupid commercial!


I boycott any place that has a stupid/annoying ad that they constantly play. So far I've stopped going to KFC and Radio Shack (now called The Source) because of the stupid ads they've had!


I know they don't give a fuck, but it makes me feel like a rebel with a cause.

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this is one of the most talked about commercials since the "wazzzaap" commercials . it's nice to see a good, clever commercial for once because so many are terrible.


the milk commercials suck. the whole "cheesy rap parody" thing was overdone in the 90's. you can tell that some middle aged white advertising execs sat around a table and thought, "oh this is cool".but its just boring.


did anyone notice how o'henry ripped off the ranch tooth commercials? instead of a tooth there's a transparent double of the actor and it's his "hunger". the hunger bugs him to eat an ohenry. how original.

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Bah I hate the Milk Rap commercial sooo much. If I remember correctly I emailed them and told them so, I guess they didnt listen.

The ranch commercial is terrible too, his voice is soo evasive. I need noise to sleep so I sleep with the tv on and here I am on my way to dream land and then my sleepy bubble gets popped with the aggrivating tooths voice. Not good.

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I love love love those muchmusic commercials featuring the band "Signals in Time" where two guys are trying to compose a song for their girlfriends but can't think of anything until [insert weird event] happens. Suddenly they're inspired. The best one though is when they cant think of anything and there's literally a minute of awkward silence. I've never laughed so hard at a commercial in my life.

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