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Rival Schools / Quicksand/ Walter Schreifels

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Hey, me again, you know, that guy that always does this?


Just curious as to whether anyone's a fan of Rival Schools or Quicksand, both fronted by Walter Schreifels.


I like them both but much prefer the tonned down Rival Schools stuff from 2001 off the album United By Fate. I really got into them about 3 years ago, but then lost all the music when I formatted my computer and forgot how much I liked them. Recently I redownloaded the album.


Anyone else into these bands?


If you havn't heard of them you should give them a try.

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Not really, Rival schools is kinda the alt rock - more accesible - version of Quicksand or "Quicksand-lite"


Here are a few notable tracks to check out by Rival Schools.


Undercovers On:




Everything Has It's Point:




Travel by Telephone:



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