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Blockbuster Going Under?

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i was pissed off when i moved to victoria and started going to blockbuster...they didn't have the "adult selection" hehe... but i really don't have a choice in where i go. i can go and walk 45minutes to go to rogers video, or i can walk 5mins down to blockbuster...


there is also movie gallery, but still, that's downtown.

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havent rented from blockbuster in years, even though i have 5 free rents still, as for rogers, i find the selection depends on the store you go to, i know in ottawa, one rogers has it's own little gay and lesbian section, but the rest of them that i have been in ottawa didnt.

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screw blockbuster. netflix is where it's at. and bittorrent. my roommate and i have a total of four discs on his netflix account (he has the three disc base, and i have one disc with a separate queue). we go through so many movies. their selection is fantastic, and beats out blockbuster because of their centralized shipping facilities.


Wired article: The Long Tail ---graph links on the left (first image) show the comparison between netflix's inventory and a blockbuster store's. there is no way for blockbuster to compete with netflix's selection.


Frequent Netflix Renters Sent to Back of the Line ---netflix is screwing their most frequent users, aka my roommate and me.

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