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it does SEEM as though there are a million haters out there, but then go to their show. I saw them with 17,000 U2 lovers in GM Place. And given that the two GM Place shows sold out in mere minutes...


I think it seems that way because (A) they're so prominant and (B) they're so damned good that it seems to strange that anyone COULD hate them....sure, you may not be a big fan, but at the same time, why hate them? I, personally, would say they have legitimacy, staying power, and good songs. Sure, maybe not everyone of their albums is as good as Joshua Tree, and yes, maybe they sold out (but hey, who doesn't wanna sell out? The Flaming Lips? The Magnetic Fields? I guess they aren't as popular as U2 for a reason then...) but still, by be a hater? Yes. that's my reasoning, and I'm sticking to it.

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U2 was probably the most influencial band of the late 80's. I'm speaking not only of their influence on rock music, which is unquestionable and undeniable. They also got a whole generation interested in activism and political awareness. Joshua Tree is most definitely one of the best albums ever created.

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