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I've been trying to find a (free) program that lets me burn ripped DVD's back onto DVD... I want to make trailers for movies for fun, and this is the only way I can think of that I can get the footage with decent quality into my final cut program...

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Yeah, a data disk is all you need. Just put the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS on there, make sure the name of the disk is in all caps and _ . You're good to go, I still like to check with a dvd-rw first though.


Note: Usually has to be a Dual-layer burner/disk. If the files are too big to fit on a single layer you'll need something like 'Roxio Popcorn.'

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If I had a dual layer burner I might...but right now i dont. And im too poor to afford DVDs.

You know, DVD's are down to around 30-50 cents each. A spool of 50 costs $20-25 and are often on sale for $10-15.


Dual-layer, on the other hand, are $3-5 per DVD ;).

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I download and burn movies all the time. But I never tried ripping... Doesn't that take a whole lot of time and space?

Depends on what you are doing... If you are just ripping them to keep on your computer, yeah it's a waste of time. If your friend wants to borrow a dvd, and you know they are not the most careful when it comes to dvd care, you just burn a copy of it for them. Rip-Burn-Delete

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