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I need a little help

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It has come to my attention that many of you have some good and rare Matt good MP3's, I would like to find a way to have some of these MP3's because I love Matt. Please help me.

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The hub


get direct connect (that's a prog), and connect to


right now you will get booted and a redirect link... I'm not sure if they still have the min share requirement... but keep that in mind.

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Wow, I think i understood 3 words in that post. What the heck is Direct connect?


edit: Nevermind, I figured it out and now have direct connect.


Now if only I could figure out how to work the damn thing.

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there is a post somewhere here in this forum - dont know exactly where, just look around - where the instructions for the Hub are placed... i dont have them here with me right now but if u dont find them, just let me know and when i get home i can send them to u...

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I may have saved the hub instructions to my computer. I'll check. Also, rare mp3s might also be found on common P2P programs. What rare ones are you looking for? I might just have them.


Edit - Here's a URL for reference -


Basic instructions:

Download DC++

Enter Hub addy -

Download files from folks


I never had any luck with the Hub, but others have. Apparantly, it's down for a bit or something.

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