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Cfox Uninvited Guest Mp3

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Just because it was annoying me, I removed the commercials from the file I offered earlier. This is the complete show captured from the webcast. (CFOX's webcast is 24kbps MP3, and this is a direct capture, just with the commercials snipped out.)





And, if you want it, here are just the songs, from the same file:



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and i was worried i couldn't get a copy. i did get to tape it live, but only on a cassette, which is funny cause i don't own a tape player. i went to a friends house to use theirs. lol. thank you everyone!!!

here's a pic from last night to enjoy while you listen. we weren't allowed to take any while the show was being taped, but i snuck one anyways!


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The interview is available in the NF store if your'e desperate. With that said, would you mind reposting the songs file? ;) pwetty pwease?

I bought it from the NF store 2 weeks ago and the songs were cut out.


What a rip...j/k.


But ya, hopefully these will have the songs.





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