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i'm just going to assume that it's terrible. that is a good bet.

i'll jump on this bandwagon...

i was kinda thrown by happiness when it came out. didn't really stick with me like the previous albums, and it's been a downward spiral ever since...

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Bob Rock is also producing the new Hip album...so just get depressed now, everyone.


My friend insisted I listen to Healthy in Paranoid Times just to give it a chance. I did. What really sticks out on that album is just how irrelevant OLP is. This album could have come out or it could have not come out and nothing would be different. I can't even remember any of the songs...there's just nothing there.


They are far past their prime. Then again I find that OLP has always been a 'jr high' band. We are all too old for them now.

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I gave up on the band after Spiritual Machines. "In Repair" was such a good single (with a kickass video as well) but I never heard anything else after from them that sparked my interest (with the exception of the song "Whatever" from WWF Forceable Entry).

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i like about half the songs off of Paranoid Times



I'm not a fan of Gravity, but in my opinion they somewhat redeemed themselves with HIPT. Half the songs were interesting at least, and the other half were pretty meh (coughpicturecough). I know I'm one of the few who think this but "Where Are You" was probably my favorite track released this whole year. Could have just been the timing of when it was released in my life but there's something about the song structure I just love.


Was pretty bummed out that they didn't release "Vampires" on the new album. That track had some serious potential.

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