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mrs jesus

Oh Hi

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acoustic tripoli makes me want to die and then have sex with my own dead body


don't ever expect me to make another fangirl thread like this because i save that shit for the teens but seriously


that song is like sex with sugar on top


the end

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Don't mind me.




Acoustic "Tripoli" from the CFOX radio broadcast (5.24M). This is pulled from worldofnoise's radio recording (who hopefully won't mind), so it's high-quality.

I don't mind at all!

After all it's not mine to begin with...


I was going to chop it up into seperate songs, but just putting out the whole interview was more appropriate. I figured most people would want to hear it too. Unfortunately, that leads to a huge file size, but no loss in quality on the songs. Realistically the interview parts would sound fine @ 128kB/s. Meh, do with it what you will, If you would like me to chop out the songs and compress them more just let me know. Or go about it yourself!


Thanks to everyone who did download the file and is seeding.



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