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No Show In Ottawa?

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does anyone know if there is any specific reason that Matt Good is not playing a show in Ottawa, other than the win-tickets Bear show? i realize that a few years back he stopped a show at the congress centre early (i was there) because people threw stuff at him, but he had seemed to put that behind him seeing that he's played about 6+ shows here since then. i just don't understand why he wouldn't play a second show here, especially when you figure that a good chunk of people that go to the Bear show will only be there for the concert and not because they are MG fans.


i know he has no obligation to play here and i'm not complaining, i'm just kind of surprised and was wondering if anyone knew of any reason. as for me, looks like i'm headed to montreal twice in the same month for concerts. i am gonna be sooo broke soon...

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actually i sent him an e-mail about this. i wouldn't mind this concert being private at all if their was a second tour later thisyear and on it a show open to the public. it could be part of the contract with the bear that he can't play two shows, cause if he did then winning wouldn't be that big of a deal, and that isn't what the bear wants at all.

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