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Corpse Bride

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I saw it today. I quite enjoyed it, great animation, great music. It wasn't actualy too much like nightmare before christmas, it had its own distinct mood. I think the moral of the story was: Musicals can be good! The voice of the priest was done by Christopher Lee, who did the voice of Saruman in lotr, and Count Douku in Star wars. It was a very good movie but I was rather dissapointed by the ending...

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-Tim Burton rules.

-Movies deserve to be downloaded when they have unnecessary budgets (i.e. shelling out a few million to get a certain star.)

-I don't give a crap about stealing money from that stuntman. He can consider it payback for stealing 5 minutes of my time before every movie i watch in theatres.

-I haven't seen this particular movie yet, and i probably wont until i can rent it.

-It still looks good

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i loved nightmare before christmas... but it looks like he tried to hard on this one, and the characters look to simular...

how come you say it looks like he tried too hard? that's kind of a weird observation to have about something you haven't seen...


and of course the characters are similar to his other characters.. it wouldn't be a tim burton movie if they weren't

it's all about his style, and his style, it is sweet


anyways it was a very fun movie and i hearted it

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