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Ok, so my post about Rival Schools, Quicksand and Walter Schreifels didn't go over too well... so I'm gonna try this instead.


These guys are from Chicago, and they've released 4 full-length albums and a number of EPs since 1999 (5 full length if you count their recent B-side compilation "cocktails and dreams")


As far as modern punk bands go, these guys have have it all, cool and meaningful lyrics, an awsome sound that makes every song memorable in it's own way, they're an all around good band.


They're from Chicago and only really tour in the states, so I can't attest to their live sound, but their recorded stuff has been amazing, especially their last three albums, Apathy and Exhaustion, The Greatest Story Ever Told, and Cocktails and Dreams.


If you're not a fan already you should check them out.

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best punk band? that's like ranking forms of cancer by awesomeness

Seriously man, you must have a problem? Why must you make a snide remark about everything in order to pretend that you have some sort of superiour know-it-all air to yourself.


Here's a little bit of information you may not be aware of: You don't need to post on every single thread, you're allowed to keep your mouth shut sometimes.


Also, if you don't like something, you can say it in a way that's not malicious or designed to make the person whose post you're commenting on look like an idiot with poor taste. I mean, really man, get some tact.


Personally I don't care if you like this band or not, I'm just trying to expand people's horizons, give them a little something new to listen to if they're interested in that genre.


So while I know being a jackass to people on a message board is probably the highlight of your day, maybe you should find something else to get off to.

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yeah, i know, it just wasn't that great so i can't remember.



EDIT: It was called "Necrotism: Decanting the Insalubrious (Cyborg Midnight) Part 7" off of the Rock Against Bush II comp.

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Ah, that one, not a horrible song, but nothing special.


I'd recommend you check out:



Quincintuple Your Money:




The First Eviction Notice:




100 Resolutions:










Lyrically all these songs are really good, far better than you normally get with punk bands.

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