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you seem very sad that they are putting an abrupt end to your devil on rollerskates

I think I am.


There was a day when Matt Good fans used to get my humor.


Maybe that day is gone.


God.. have I become my father?












Ok. I haven't become my father, not yet at least. I just find it sad that it had to be spelled out. Any chance it was going to be funny went out the window after the first explanation.

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you only joined today?


I've been around the boards since the aph. I only missed the massage board by a matter of months.


I was the webmaster of primetimedeliverance.net for several years.


I worked with Matt on his website when he was doing nationofcool.


I'm not suprised none of you has heard of me, I've been en absentia from the boards for at least a year, probably more like 2. I just haven't had as much time to kill since having a kid and starting a career.


And the only reason I'm continuing to post in this thread is because it's been way to long since I've been involved in a good flame war.


Nothing personal. I just like to see people get all riled up over the internet. It's about as pointless as me joining a beauty pagent.


If I let it continue, I'd be able to get someone to insult either my manhood or threaten to kick my ass.


But I actually intend to spend time here.. so I'll simply leave this at a "now you know I'm here". The next time I post it'll be more on topic.


Unless anyone wants to carry it on by telling me I'm fat, and my head looks like a diseased watermelon?

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many a long day did i use the public transportation terminal on my way from school to work.


now let us all renounce the evil buses and rejoice at the self-owned auto-car. the gas prices may be crazy, and insurance is a drain, but i don't have to fight for a seat, follow schedules, and listen to little shit's talk about their little shit concerns.

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