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Final Fantasy Advent Children

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It's a tricky film to review. You can look at it on two levels. On one level, the FFVII freaks who've played the game and are already intimate with the story. On that level, I loved the movie and got a kick out of seeing all the characters we love being brought to life.

But on a separate level, if you walk in with no prior knowledge you're going to absolutely hate it. This movie can't exist on its own with numerous inside references, no real story arc or plot. The only thing holding this together are the beautiful fight sequences.

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well, i went into the movie with little or no previous knowledge of FF7. I knew the characters, but didn't really know the story.

You CAN'T understand the whole movie with one viewing.

I've watched it 4 times now, and I still find things I never knew before

and the animation is just fantastic!





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it's a really cool movie... but having no knowledge about ff7, i did find it lacking. i'm sure i will enjoy it more after i watch it many more times, as i plan to do because the animation is just so amazing. but i wish that square would have made another original movie like spirits within. even after i watch AC many more times, i'm sure i will still enjoy spirits within more.

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