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The Countdown Clock.....

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Has anybody else noticed that...the countdown clock on the main page isn't counting down to anything. haha. it says 3 hours left. till what? the release of in a coma? then why is it counting down to about 5pm on the 19th. makes no sense!!!


anyway, im from UK. ordered from maple music and managed to pre order a signed copy. woo hoo! my mate also ordered, but from amazon ca. his copy has been shipped already. maple music are yet to ship :-(




on a second thought. maybe i should be thinking in my own time, maybe this is a very clever countdown clock...and works out the countdown for each different person. if so, i apologise for having a go at thee almighty clever countdown clock and would like to add. WOOOOO 3 hours!! although. you guys in canada are behind. so my CD wont get shipped probably until late on the 20th for me.

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so does anyone know a bout maple music. are they good for shipping? obviously amazon have shipped early. and i guess maple music wont be doing that. I just hope they are good. and will ship straight away on release. i have been told 1 - 3 business days for shipping. so should be good.

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