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Mg Cover's, Lets Hear 'em

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I'd do one, but I don't have a decent enough setup to record.


I want to do an acoustic man of action, but I can't sing it quite well enough, and I prefer doing it in one take rather than mixing.


can I ask everyone what they use to record?

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Mixing is kind of a pain. I'd rather do songs in one take, but half the time i have trouble playing through a whole song without making any screw ups. Its easier at times to split it up.


For recording i use an M-audio MIC/Guitar Interface(USB), and Magix Audio Studio (a cheap multi-track recording package i picked up at future shop a while back) It gets the job done.

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To shenanigans87, yes i plan to do some shows here soon, most lilley at the university of Man,

to sunshine > why not?


for other bordom, and i realize this might not be the place to post this, but i have more songs available, originals and a cover of fake plastic tress >

go to: www.gmail.com



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