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Peter from Holland

And ? Is It What You've Expected ?

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it's wicked... the liner notes are cool too... they're written by his a&r guy... i am sooo happy to finally get it!


i love the making of rooms the more i watch it... it's cool to see matt recording and stuff...


has anyone watched the thing with all the pics in it yet... i think it's called slides...


those photos are awesome!

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In A Coma is absolutely astounding. The greatest hits package could have a few more songs for my liking, like All Together, but everything flows really nicely, and the Acoustic reworkings are brilliant. I almost find them better than the originals. It's so beautiful to hear a reworking of your favourite song that puts a new spin on it, but still captures the soul that you fell in love with first. The DVD? Chock full of extras! If you don't have this yet, please, do yourself a massive favour and go out and grab it!

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I havn't watched the DVD yet but I listened to the acoustic CD twice this morning and it is amazing.


Tripoli and Strange days both gave me chills.


My only complaints are (and I really shouldn't complain) what was said before. It feels a bit weird to have a greatest hits without Carmelina on it. I also felt the ending of the acoustic version of Advertising on Police Cars was a bit of a let down because I love his voice in the origional.


Other than that I think it is the best CD I have ever owned or will ever own.


If Matt reads this I recommend an acoustic CD with every new CD that comes out.

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Calm down, kids. Maple probably has a ton of orders to process so hopefully they'll have it to you guys soon!


I'm going out to get my copy at Futureshop, I think.

i couldn't argue with $22.99.




To be honest, i was disapointed.


I personally loved the way MG used to fuse a kind of grungey inflection with the more beautiful, cleaner vocals, but now, ever since the surgery, he's too clean, and i find everything after AoB to be more boring, vocally, but my tastes have drastically changed in the eight or nine years i've been aware of the notorious MGB, so who knows...

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I'd say it's a pretty solid package. I've been listening and watching since 10:30 and I'm extremely impressed.


Tripoli's always been a favorite of mine, but I love it even more in the new accoustic version.


The only disappointment I'd say is the animated music video. It's nice to see 'rabbits' get a video to go along side it, but quite frankly it confuses me.

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The lack of some of the really old and rare stuff (Broken and Euphony demos) was a little diasppointing because they are near impossible to find (Well, they're great too), but the collection of videos and the acoustic CD made up for it.


The new Strange Days is awesome, and the music video for it left me speechless.



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yeah i don't the old demos will ever be either...


if anything i expected more from PTD. its one of my fave songs by him and thought it was going to be different. still good though but

I'm on a bit of a mission myself now trying to gather up the songs myself.


What has me though is that there's an "exclusive" track for downloading the pre-order through iTunes. Is there a generous soul out there who has it kicking around and would like to share?

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Worth the 22 plus tax? = yeah for sure. Remember when you were a kid and the batteries on your walkman started to die, and the song playing on the tape you were listening started to get slower and slower and slower, well i guess that is what disk 2 reminds me of. I guess I just played out all these songs as they were it is weird now to hear them so slow. They are great though, not argument there.

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