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The video commentary made me sad because I realized that there will never be an era of great videos like there was from Apparitions to Carmelina.


The It's Been Awhile... video cemented that thought into my head, as it was the reuniting of Matt and Morrison, but yet Matt totally hates what happened to the video and declared he won't make a video again.


It really bummed me out.



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I flew up to Vancouver to buy IAC for me and my friends. I was pleasantly surprised that Matt mentioned my name on the Anti-Pop video.

That was you? Haha that's awesome... While I was watching that part, I thought "man that guy is gonna orgasm when he catches that shout out". Congrats man, that's so cool.


Side note: you flew all the way to BC just to pick up the CD? That's crazy...

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still hasn't come in yet yeah. you should just go pick up the regular version at a local shop yeah. then you'll have too.


least this way you'll have something to liseten to for a few days while you wait.

i can't....i live in texas.....no 'good' music here

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i was impressed by teh whole package specially the comentaries as well,i thought it was awsome that certain fans stick out in his mind,i had alot "aha's" as well,3 disc has alot of meat in it and its great stuff,unlike my friend who bought the cdbut was unaware of teh dvd box set,i told him for an extra 10 bucks u can get 2 extras cd's but of course he cant return it

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Hey you guys know how at the 1999 MMVAs during the band's performance of Load Me Up Matt Good got the audience to give him the finger. Well after watching the video commentaries on the DVD that makes more sense. During the commentary for Everything is Automatic Matt and Bill Morrison talk about how it's become a tradition for them to give each other the finger when the other isn't looking. Matt getting the audience to give him the finger was actually getting the audience to give Bill Morrison the finger.


"We're always fingering each other when the other isn't looking."

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