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Maple Music Pre-orders

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I've had some pretty bad experiences with Maple Music. It seems to be some backwater operation run out of grandma's basement. I put in an order a while back and it took a month before I had to call them to remind I was waiting for an order.


;) Did the smart thing and picked up the CD myself this morning.

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im same guys. its like...11:30pm my time (UK) so....about 6:30pm your guys time. and....nothing. maple music i can log on and check my order status. it just says order has not yet been processed. im kicking myself. i pre ordered on amazon first. but cancelled and got it on maple cos of the signed copy. but, now i wish i hadn't. cos from what everyone says, looks like it could be ages till i get the CD.

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its now the 21st here. and still nothing from maple music. I emailed them yesterday, no reply. So today i have sent another email to BOTH of their email adresses. so hopefully i will get a reply. Its just really frustrating, im beginning not to care about the signed copy now, i just want the CD now. wish i had stuck with amazon. oh well, i will see what they reply with today. hopefully they will ship today.


it does actually say on their site that pre orders can take up to 48 hours after release to be shipped. so.........


oh well. C'est la Vie!!

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ok so for everyone in my (we ordered from maplemusic) boat. i emailed them, kept bugging them, and they said that mine was shipped on the day of release. just becuase they have had so much to get through..they hadnt any time to let me know it was shipped or to update the site. so the site still told me it was being processed. but they said i will get it tomorrow. so...WOO HOO!! only thing is, they forgot the signed album sleeve, so have to send that seperately now!! haha. DOH!!

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