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Favourite Off Of Rooms

Of all the songs on rooms which one is your personal favorite?  

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  1. 1. Of all the songs on rooms which one is your personal favorite?

    • Truffle Pigs
    • Tripoli
    • Generation X-wing
    • Apparitions
    • North American For Life
    • Advertising On Police Cars
    • Hello Time Bomb
    • Strange Days
    • Prime Time Deliverance

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I guess I was the only one to vote for Strange Days. It may not be a real departure from the original, but it sounds amazing.


I know I'm not alone in wishing the Rooms was a lot longer than just the 9 songs. It could easily have been longer. Maybe in the future we'll get another Rooms... like, Attics. or Basements. Or maybe just Living Rooms.

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I absolutely love what he did with X-Wing... Hello Time Bomb was great too. I want him to make more of his faster paced songs into acoustic because I think those are the ones that come out the best (well, from what I'm seeing anyway) - I'd love to have one of Radio Bomb!

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Hello Time Bomb is my favourite track off of Rooms. Oddly enough, I really disliked it after the first listen, probably because it sounded so different than the original version that I had grown so accustomed to. After subsequent listenings, however, it really grew on me and I had it stuck in my head for days.

Prime Time Deliverance is a very close second.

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I went with Generation X-Wing. It's so far removed from the original, although as far removed as some other tracks.


Especially the bridge. I love the way he sings it full-out on this version. It's lyrically the best part of the song, and it's great to actually get to hear it with Matt's emotive vocals rather than spoken quietly and distorted.

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The first time that I listened to Rooms, I was completely blown away. It was crazy to hear how different some of the songs were from the originals. take "Generation X-Wing" as an example. I hadn't heard the original until after I heard the version on Rooms. Personally I like the accoustic version (or whatever you want to call it) better than the original. Anyways, I just wanted to add my opinion in here somewhere. He did an amazing job with Rooms. I love it. ;)

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