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Pony Boy On Iac

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Songs don't consist in all the instruments synced together...


The source of the first version of pony boy is a CD with the raw unmixed versions of the songs. Chances are All Together from iTunes sounds better as well.

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As was previously said, the version that leaked last year is obviously unmixed and unmastered.


I really want to hear the iTunes release of "All Together" now. Can you buy it by itself or was it only available for pre-order? If so, would anyone have a hint of where I might find a copy? ;)



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The IAC is definitely different. You can hear some piano in there, and the mixing levels are completely different.

You can hear the piano in the original mix. I like it in its more subtle position in that version.


For the sake of comparison, the leaked "rough mix" mastered:




That's the 128kbps mp3 mastered to sound more like it might have on a CD.

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Anyone care to master the raw mix of "All Together" at least? I really want to hear a better version of that one.

First pass. Same story - the leaked 128kbps mp3 of "All Together" mastered:




Always harder to master piano/vox tunes - you end up with less to balance off of.

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