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Rodchester Kings Tape On Ebay

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Why would it be fake?


The seller's location is Vancouver, and he seems to sell other somewhat rare music as well. I'd say it's entirely feasible that it's real. I've heard of people just finding his demo tapes kicking around in used music stores, although, I've had no luck ;)

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there are 4.5 hours left, i doubt that'll happen, and it could be hard anyway, if you don't have digital cameras.



fuck.... should i buy this?


i know i should but i only have like $100 and i'm unemployed...

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what has you so suspicious with this guy? Dealt with him? He/she has a 100% rating.


I doubt i'll go for it anyway. And Wal-Mart wants me to go in tomorrow afternoon, dammit, why couldn't i have started a week earlier ahaha

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Maybe in a really old car?

My car's only got a tape player ;)


And I wouldn't bother with that.. chances are it's a printed piece of paper with a tape recorded from the songs floating around the internet.


Plus unless I'm misquoting, Matt has said that he'd rather you download the history teacher stuff than to pay money for it. (Please correct me if I'm wrong, I just remember seeing that on the interweb somewhere.. and god knows the internet never lies)

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