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Thank you, Near Fantastica

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Well... this is just to humbly thank this forum, to thank Near Fantastica, to thank all the people in this forum


1. for giving me the possibility for the first time in my live to express my devotion for Matt and his music;


2. for letting me express all my opinions on many topics (specially on MG);


3. for letting me share my insights and my feelings with other people who share a common like: Matt and his music;


4. for providing me with so MUCH material - either thru Near Fantastica or the Hub - that i would've never been able to get without this site;


5. for reading my - sometimes - looooooong messages and answering them ;);


6. for giving me so much happiness and satisfaction talking about Matt and his music;


and, of course, thank you Crusader, Danimal and Guitarchick for creating and keeping this webpage and the forum alive


Thank you everybody who is around here. My gratitude to all of you.


From Madrid, Spain,




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Yes juanpe, you have contributed so much to this forum. Your great opinions on the topics here are much appreciated and we hope that you continue to post as much as you can. A great thanks to you my friend ;)

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I'm appreciative of everyone here who makes this a nice, civil place to discuss Matt's music and affect on the lives of those who've listened to it. Very refreshing from the usual flame wars that occur on other boards.

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I've already said this before...i love NF.


I was just on the metro and i said that i wrote a letter to the wild bills saloon about the post "worst concert ever" and i got the 3rd degree from like 5 people.

Can't people express their opinions!!!!

God i hate posting there.


Thank you NF for letting me speak (technically post) my mind.

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I sure think so... great people here, who can really keep a conversation decent, it just spells g-o-o-d t-i-m-e-s.

Thanks to all of you who aren't morons ;) which is thankfully a majority :angry:

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good times is right...i'm addicted to NF...i find myself on here for at least 3 hours a day...for 3 reasons


1. love talking with cool peeps like yourselves

2. huge MG fan (geek more like it)

3. i really have no life

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i'm just saying that i'm a 21 year old who is out of school for the summer and all i do is work and when i'm not at work i'm on this damn computer. Most of my friends moved away from me...so i don't go out much...hence have no life.

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