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My friend sent me two of their songs "Back to Boston" and "What can I do?" I loved both of them but wasn't able to find any more of their tracks online and the cd stores i frequent didnt carry anything by them.

I haven't heard of National, but i don't really think they're anything like The Shins. But i will concede that they are awesomer.


P.S. The friend who sent me the two songs was correct in saying that "What can I do?" is like the ideal song to skip to or walk down a street to in some anti-climatic movie scene.

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They've got an awesome album that dropped on the 13th, with an EP I haven't heard.


They kinda remind me of a non-suck National. Or an awesomer Shins.



A non-suck National? This group has nothing even remotely close to the calibre of the National's new cd. Hell, Alligator is easily one of the best releases this year.


The Rosebuds sound like mindless rock, not bad, but more in the category of The Marble Index or something.

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