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This is a awsome book...seriously even if your not a fan of stephan king you HAVE to read this one.


So what happens is that your introdused to several characters at the beggining and the story jumps around to each of these characters perspectives of the events. This is cool cause they eventualy meet up. The plot goes like this...in a nutshell. Theres a deadly plage that sweeps over the earth and kills most of the human race. There are a few survivors (and all of the characters are survivors as you might expect) and the first part of the book is just all of these people finding each other and starting life again only all of the survivors join one of 2 sides. One side is "the dark side" (only the book dosent use cheesy names) and the other side is the "good side".THe bad side is lead by this sort of walking devil named Flagg and the good side is led by this old woman that is sort of the holy warrior of god in this conflict.


The rest of the book is the conflict that follows.


That probaly makes minimal scense but i guess your just gonna have to read it for yourselves....if you already havent

Awesome read!!

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