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Tragically Hip Songs

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Whether you're a fan or not, listen to these songs and tell us how you like em


If you don't know, or if all you've heard is At the Hundreth Meridian, Little Bones and Ahead by a Century... listen to these songs you might gain a favorite/close to favorite band. Listen to them all!




Vapor Trails


The Bastard

Fully Completely

Grace, Too

As I Wind Down The Pines


Put It Off

Silver Jet


Wild Mountain Honey

Escape Is At Hand For The Travelling Man

Don't Wake Daddy

Nautical Disaster

Gus The Polar Bear

38 Years Old

If New Orleans Is Beat

You're Everywhere

Mean Streak

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I'm a fan and I have to say that's a great list. Especially Vapour Trails, Put It Off, Leave, Escape Is At Hand, You're Everywhere and Gus.

I would also recommend:

Inevitability Of Death

So Hard Done By

Fiddler's Green

Long Time Running

When The Weight Comes Down

Everytime You Go

Locked In The Trunk Of A Car

Springtime In Vienna


Lake Fever

A Beautiful Thing

Heart Of The Melt

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What is the Tragically Hip song with the refrain "38 years old, and never kissed a girl?"

I heard it at work today and recognised it only by Gord Downie's voice. I liked it a lot.

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nautical disaster

spirng time in vienna

grace too

little bones

youre everywhere

it cant be nashville every night


man they got a ton of good songs. those are the ones that come to mind, that are huge radio hits...well little bones kinda is, but the rest...very high class songs. but the old stuff is still the best there is. cant beat it

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