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Tragically Hip Songs

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So dissapointed that no one mentioned (at least on the first page) Highway Girl (Double Suicide). Quite possibly the best rant Gord has ever pulled off. As you can probably see from my name, Road Apples is my favorite Hip album, and the Hip as my favorite band of all time.

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If you are a fan, grab the new (packed) cd: Hipeponymous


Kinda like "In a coma" you get 2 "best off" cds (with some new stuff) and 2 DVD (1 with the 23 music video and 1 with live show recorded in toronto). A behind the scene movies, a picture book, and if you order from Maplemusic you get a band signed postcard (mine is on the mail ;)

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Little off topic but worth a shot:


Does anyone know the tuning for Bobcaygeon? I think Gord's Guitar is in standard, but for the main part I'm not so sure. I'm trying to learn the chords by looking at the live DVD, but I'll need the tuning first. Thanks for any help.


Back on topic: Bobcaygeon is my favourite song

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Nautical Disaster is the best i've heard so far.



What's the best album to start out with?

Since you like Nautical Disaster I'd say start out with Day For Night. Other standouts (for me) include Grace, Too, So Hard Done By, Thugs, Inevitability of Death and Scared. Or you could get the new greatest hits package.


took long enough for someone to bring up their only good song.. wheat kings.


I mentioned Wheat Kings a while back.

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