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Kill The Dark [2001-2006]

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the entire set will be titled kill the dark - five years of panic [2001-2006]. disc one will be titled everything's fine and will include eight songs that best define panic button as well as a live track, and a remastered bside. disc two will be titled songs from the cutting room floor, and be comprised of ten unreleased songs. the third disc will be five videos and photos from the rockwater show, and will also include external links to a website with album artwork that i've used over the past five years to promote the band. this best of package will be closed off nicely by a book titled a beautiful mistake, which will contain lyrics to every panic button song in this set, including the unreleased songs.


here is the complete track listing:


panic button - kill the dark [2001-2006]

disc one - everything's fine

01 killing time

02 echoes

03 come home

04 the one i am

05 heavy hearts

06 end of transmission

07 sing the song of our undoing

08 naomi

09 my paper heart burns [live at the rockwater 10/30/04]

10 lost


disc two - songs from the cutting room floor

01 the panic button

02 the one i am [weichel's vocals]

03 creep [radiohead cover]

04 come home [basement demo 06/07/04]

05 echoes [basement demo 06/07/04]

06 turn of the century [basement demo 06/07/04]

07 i'll see you when the final bell chimes [basement demo 06/07/04]

08 end of transmission [basement demo 10/27/04]

09 the age of innocence [basement demo 10/27/04]

10 tales from the cutting room floor [demo 08/07/05]


disc three - the videos

killing time

ugly (you bitch)

come home [the making of]

echoes [the making of]

heavy hearts [the making of]

photos from the rockwater [10/30/04]

ok panic [panic button artwork]


a beautiful mistake [lyric book]


more info as it's available,


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radio airplay on local college stations like chrw (in london ontario) far outweigh heavy rotation on much on demand. anyone who disagrees should be shot.


edit: i've played shows, and my cd's have been sold in major record shops.


just because i've yet to be featured on a bag of doritos, doesn't mean this music isn't popular, or worthy of being celebrated.


i didn't get into this industry to make money off of people, so anyone interested in hearing it will be able to d/l it for free off the website.

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when i started playing in college, being in a band for more than a year was a huge accomplishment.


i never said it was a greatest hits package. not once, but merely a best of.


and the truth is, this has nothing to do with matthew good, infact i'd had this idea a few years ago, but never had the backing of a band or the money to put it to motion, so it ended up in a pile with all the other ideas i've had.


it just seemed to me like a nice way to close out a chapter of my life that i'm very proud of.

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I don't give a rat's ass one way or another if a college band releases a "best of" record without being well-known. A band doesn't need to even have airplay to pick and choose which songs they liked the best.


Let the man promo.


But if i see any penis enlargement or natural remedy ads around here, so help me god...

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