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What would you think of a best of video?  

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  1. 1. What would you think of a best of video?

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    • depends, would have to see it
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so i'm coming up to a transitional point in my career. About to leave the film industry for a little while and beginning to look for a job somewhere in TV and i've got some time to attempt a new creative project. I'm going to start working on a video project, a best of of Matt Good's video's put to one of the acoustic tracks on Rooms; working title Apparition.


Just wondering what some other fans would think of a project like this? When i'm finished, i'll look into posting it somewhere for you all to see. My set deadline is to get it finished by October 16.


What do you think? I've officially begun now.

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I have an idea of a style i'd like to go with, a special effect which is pretty old school which i think may add to it.


I understand that to make it work, it can't just be anything, so i'll take my time with it to try to make it done right.


Not sure if a best of music video's for an artist has ever been done before.

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What did you pick?


I also think HTB would be a good choice. It's a big hit and the acoustic version gives it a good "looking back" sort of quality. Tripoli has the perfect ending for a retrospective video with that piano loop at the end.

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I'm not going to tell which song i've chosen. i'll just hope that it works, and that you'll all be able to see it when it's finished. After tonight i'll be about two minutes into the rough cut.


Though, if any ottawa people would be interested in seeing what it's like so far, might be going out for beers tomorrow night at Marshy's in Centerpointe. just drop a line here or msn me, [email protected] and i'll give you the down-lo.


Though what it's going to look like tomorrow night and the final is going to be quite different. It's still in first stage rough cut, so it's liable to be quite different.

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it is a pretty cool shot. i haven't used it yet, only because it was contrasting with where I was going to put it. I'll still try to get it in there.


I have a rough cut of it online now, but i've just sent it to a few select people for review. i think i'll wait until it's all finished before I put it out there.

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this sounds like an awesome idea, i love that shot of matt where he's coming out of the water. that was a great video, i take back my "i dunno i'd have to see it vote". i don't think i really understood what you were talking about before. you're going to have to link me up somehow or send it to me when you're done.

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