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Help - Oshawa, On Setlists (2003-4)

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Hi Everyone,


I'm just gathering up the setlists for the concerts I've been to. The only ones I can't find anywhere (searched internet, all posts on MG boards & Disorientation) are for the Oshawa, Ontario shows in '03 & '04:


Avalanche Tour - Durham College - Fall 2003

"Bar" Tour - Le Skratch - September 16, 2004


If anyone knows the setlists or know of any other sites, please let me know.


Also, for those that use the MG HUB. Can you check to see if either concert is available in any format or a setlist?


Please let me know if you can help.




Dan ([email protected])

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this might be the set list that you saw in Oshawa.


1. Near Fantastica

2. Load Me Up / Generation X-Wing

3. In A World Called Catastrophe

4. Hello Time Bomb

5. North American For Life

6. Avalanche

7. Little Terror

8. Everything Is Automatic

9. Apparitions

10. Expats Of The Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra

11. 21st Century Living

12. Weapon

13. Giant

14. It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man

15. Blue Skies Over Bad Lands


hope this helps



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XRTP, I thought you had it right, but then I realized that it can't be. Then I realized this is the setlist from Disorientation for the Montreal show (which is okay 'cause it's probably the best available).


Anyways, this was the Avalanche 2003 tour and this setlist has a bunch of White Light songs. Isn't it weird that he would be playing these 6-12 months before WLRARR dropped?





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