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Looking For Extra Ticket

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Hey, how's it going everybody? Just thought I'd start up a topic for people who were unable to secure tickets in case there are any lucky (to have tickets) and generous (to have an extra ticket) enough to help us adoring fans get into the show! Currently my deal is I'm not sure if I got tickets because if the confirmation e-mail ended up in my junkmail box it was automatically deleted. I've sent e-mails to prs concerts to see if I'm on the list but no answer so far. I'd REALLY like to go to the show as I'm a huge fan and haven't been able to see Matt perform the last couple times he was here due to unavoidable circumstances (like midterms). I know I'm among quite possibly several hundred other people pleading a similar case, but if anyone has an extra ticket they'd be willing to part with (in return for something reasonable, of course), please send an e-mail to [email protected]. Anyone else looking for an extra ticket post below and lets see if some of us can't get to the show!


As a final note, if I do manage to get response from PRSconcerts, I will have an extra ticket of my own, and I will donate it to someone on the bored. Thanks everyone ;)



Edit: Sorry, I forgot to mention, Ottawa show...anyone from Ottawa would probably pick that up, but just to clarify for everyone. Thank you for pointing that out Ravenous Yam.

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I have one you can have.
























































(just kidding)

Oh My GAWD, you're like SOOOOO totally awesome, I can't believe someone came through for me like that.....I guess it goes to show that maybe the world isn't quite so screwed as we though if there are still people out there willing to show such kindness and generosity.......oh wait.....just kidding ;).



Any serious responses?

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