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2005 Matthew Good Band Elimination

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Everyone likes results!!


Round 1: Group A Results

1) Middle Class Gangsters 21 def. Enjoy The Silence19

2) Born To Kill (Chainsaw) 39 def. Umbrellaless (Chihuahua) 1

3) Saturday The 12th 3 vs My Out of Style is Coming Back 36

4) If Birds Don

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1.All Together (One of my favs, another chainsaw vs. chihuahua)


3.Generation X-Wing (Rooms)

4.Suburbia (duh)

5.Sort Of A Protest Song

6.A Boy And His Machine Gun

7.It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man

8.A Long Way Down

9.Truffle Pigs (original, tough choice)

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1) All Together

2) Euphony

3) Generation X-Wing(Rooms)

4) Suburbia

5) Sort of a Protest Song

6) A Boy and His Machine Gun

7) The Bombmaker

8) Indestructible (can't ignore the classic)

9) Truffle Pigs (Rooms)

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1. all together (BTW can anyone send me this song? or tell me where to get it?)

2. Euphony

3. Gen X Wing(rooms)


5.So long mrs smith (if only it were longer...)

6.a boy and his machine gun

7. Its been awhile

8.a long way down

9.truffle pigs (rooms)

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Wow, I didn't think Catastrophe was going to win that one.


1) All Together

2) Break Into The Rhythm (close match! As for me, Rhythm is ranked 89th overall and Euphony at 91st)

3) Generation X-Wing (the classic original)

4) Endsong is a great song!! One of Matt Good's greatest from the pre-ghetto era (both versions!). I'm repulsed at the majority of you; sickened really.

But Suburbia is sadly the better song.

5) THERE. HERE is the CHAINSAW vs. CHIHUAHA match for the ENTIRE competition. What an embarassment.

Obviously Sort Of A Protest Song.

6) A Boy and His Machine Gun (arguably more embarrasing than the previous match!!)

7) The Bombmaker

8) interesting match...but Indestructible.

9) Truffle Pigs (original)

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All Together vs Second Sun



Break In The Rhythm vs Euphony


Generation X-Wing vs Generation X-Wing(Rooms)


Suburbia vs Endsong (Chainsaw vs Chihuahua Version 2.0?)


So Long Mrs. Smith vs Sort of a Protest Song


Poor Man

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