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Lol @ Matt

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i just got 'in a coma' and was watchins the videos with commentary...and during anti-pop matt says 'this is south padre island, right near the mexican border on the texas panhandle'...just so you guys know, the texas panhandle is the northern most part of texas.....(the handle part).....


i didn't know if anyone had caught that....



was anyone else supposed to be in that video?

i saw the bulletin looking for people around corpus christi and san antonio...i replyed...i got an e-mail from 'matt' telling me that his assistant was supposed to call....but i never got a call....sucks

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I still don't know where that secret site is... could you be more clear like a zoom-in screenshot with an arrow pointing the area surounded by a big circle. (yeah i'm kinda slow maybe)...


By the way, the ukolele part is so damn cool!



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haha. we stole a gnome on our way to see matt play last year. we pull up to this house and my roommate jumps out to grab one. he gets back with it and says "there were like eight of them there!" i take a closer look at what he had in his hands and he had apparently taken bashful, one of the seven dwarves...

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