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I'm Crying

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Guest apsham

I never really got emotional on it the way that some people have talked about it. Whispering In The Dark, however.... hasn't made me cry yet, but it's a very touching song.

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Annnnd you can all stop hurling mud at each other now.


I could say I have cried listening to Matt Good, but in all honesty it was caused by a massive electric shock I got from a camera flash capacitor. Instant watery eyes, for some reason. Wrong biological reaction on that one.

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A true man is able to admit to crying, as honesty is a true measure of character, showing emotion is the mark of a man, not the mocking of it.


I used the ole "said the virgin..." due to the fact that someone who is a virgin and points out that someone is not a man due to the fact that they admit to crying is a hypocrite.


"Why?" you ask, well it's hypocracy because the whole being a 'manly-man' who doesn't cry and a man who has fucked as many women as possible[read: not a virgin] fall under the same school of thought.


In summation: let the man enjoy the music without being a douche ecnarf.


Edit: I have cried while listening to While We Were Hunting Rabbits.

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suburbia still can make me cry


giant made me cry at the last of 5 shows i saw in a week back in 2000(holy, i think it was 2000! too many shows shit)it must have been 2000, it was my senior year of high school


i've never had a songwriter made my heart react like matt, i probably never will

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Running For Home


The Rat Who Would Be King


Born To Kill

Blue Skies Over Badlands

House Of Smoke And Mirrors

While We Were Hunting Rabbits

The Man From Harold Wood

Intermezzo: M. Good Vs. M. Trolley (he tries and tries but just can't get it right. It's heartbreaking.)

Free Download (from laughing)

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