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How many dollars did you trade it for?

For mine?


$70 USF, then another $13 CDN for duty because it was made in Vietnam ;) Still a pretty good deal though, I think it was 20% off, and it's a lot lighter than my other jackets, so I won't roast on the 143 as I get friendly with fellow students.

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I don't mean to be an ass, but why would you talk about buying a random jacket in a thread about tour merch? I understand we were talking about Matt selling a jacket and wearing the same kind on stage, but one has nothing to do with the other.


If you just wanted to brag about your jacket I understand, but this topic wasn't really the place for it, in my opinion.


Then again, I am up earlier than I wanted to be so I might just be unreasonably cranky.



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I've got 2 mg t-shirts, the blue air force one that i got at the Key to Bala (what a dump) last yr and one i just bought from Maple music for the hell of it. I've got to say that for someone like me who's fave artist is mg, I have only seen him once.

My point is i would like to save these shirts and only wear them every once in a while, but i seem to always put them on first....same w/ my various U2 shirts, they are all falling apart, amd it kills me because they are one and only shirts...

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