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I guess i'll never hear that.


That always makes me sad when shitty bands show potential by producing a handful of great songs and 44 shitty ones.


Because every corporate rock cd has 11 tracks for some reason.

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Everytime they come on the radio in the mall where I work or some fast food place or in a car, I want to repeatedly bash a brick into my face until my skull shatters and shards of it sever the nerves to the part of my brain that interprets sound.

Well their music is pretty bad but I wouldn't go quite that far.

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"Look at this photograph. Every time i do it makes me laugh.... How did our eyes get so red?....AND WHAT THE HELL IS ON JIMMY'S HEAD?!?!?!?!"

I fucking hate that song. It's catchy, sure, but those lyrics suck so hard. I mean, it's really embarrassing. I'm embarrassed for Chad Kroeger. ;)

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i found myself singing it yesterday after hearing it on the bear at work.


i've decided furthermore not to listen to the bear at work.

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am i the only person that doesn't like them? i can't stand anything that they do! it all sounds the same. it sounds like the just carbon copy their old hit singles (ie. how you remind me) and go from there! i just think that they are horrible and they don't deserve the recongnition that they have. there are far better canadian bands around that deserve the attention that they get. bah


what do you think?

nope. I can't stand them. They are THE suck.

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