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Hockey Is Back

Do you like the new Hockey Rules?  

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I hate the new rules. I hate seeing players get penalties on "intent to hook" (just an example). I don't like how a player can get a penalty for shooting the puck into the crowd. Bleh.


Though I do like the lack of 2 line passing.

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The new rules will take a bit to get used to, in regards to penalty calls anyways. I love the two line pass and tag up offsides, but I really really hate the idea of penalty shots deciding a game.


Either way, I'm totally fucking excited that it's back.

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i have no interest in hockey, but i'm curious as to how the rules are different.

The centre ice line that before was used for icing and 2 line passes is now only used for icing. Which means you can now pass the puck from inside your own blueline all the way up to just before the opposing blueline.


The Blue lines have been moved back a couple feet towards centre ice and the goal lines moved back towards the boards in hopes of giving the attacking team more room in the offensive zone.


There are 2 lines behind each net in a trapezoid shape. A goalie may only play the puck inside this trapexoid when behind the goal line or else a 2 minute penalty will be assesed.


No player may flip the puck over the glass...If you do that's a penalty.


If one team ices the puck, that team cannot make a change during the stoppage in play. This is to try to stop the defending team from just icing the puck when they are scrambling in their own end.


The shootout has been added. All games in the regular season that are still tied after overtime will be decided in a 3 vs. 3 shootout.


There have been restrictions in goalie equipment. The size of the pads, blockers, and gloves have all been restricted.


A "crackdown" on obstruction...this isn't a new rule, just enforcing the old ones.


I believe I covered it all. Not bad for off the top of my head...

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The shootout rule more or less ruined a would-be awesome overtime for the Leafs-Sens game ;).

that's why the shootout sucks.it's by far the dumbest change. they changed the game to please fans who don't appreciate hockey, that's what pisses me off. shootouts are fun to watch, of course, but it's not a good way to decide a game. can you imagine games being decided by a shootout in the playoffs?! that's fucked. those teams like anaheim, carlina, florida, and tampa all got to the final by winning in overtime. I remember a quadruple overtime between anaheim and detroit a few years ago. it took a long time but they earned it. suspense is what makes things exciting. instant gratification is less satisfying, thta's why action movies generally suck. Those sudden death goals are what hockeys all about, and now they're gone because americans are lazy.

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I am really enjoying hockey right now with these new rules.

Thankfully they decided to get rid of the red line! The trap defence totally ruined the game for so many fans. Why bother trying to win by scoring more goals when you can win a game by having a better defence. BORING.. At least hockey is more offence based now.. and I love the shoot out.

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