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2005 Matthew Good Band Elimination

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Everyone likes results!!


Round 1: Group E Results

1) Little Terror 13 vs Antipop 26

2) Deep Six 5 vs While We Were Hunting Rabbits 35

3) Everything is Automatic 32 def Alert Status Red 7 << as many as 7 ppl voted AGAINST e.i.a??? shocking.

4) Man of Action 37 def You Are Here 2

5) Bright End of Nowhere 33 vs Mercy Misses You 6

6) Advertising on Police Cars 34 def Advertising on Police Car (Rooms) 5

7) We

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My Picks:


-Strange Days

-Buffalo Seven (I'll be the only one voting for this one)

-She's Got A New Disguise

-My Life As A Circus Clown (I LOVE this song)

-Pledge of Allegiance

-Let's Get It On

-Haven't Slept In Years (LOTGA) (Raygun version sucks!)

-Giant (NationofCool I can't believe you said that!)

-Under the Influence

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1) Strange Days

2) Running For Home

3) She’s Got a New Disguise

4) Look Happy, It’s The End of The World

5) Pledge of Allegiance

6) Coming Out In Purple (I'll be the lone voter for this craaaazy song)

7) Havent Slept in Years (Raygun)

8) Empty Road

9) Under The Influence

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1. Strange Days (Rooms)

2. Buffalo Seven

3. She's Got A New Disguise

4. Look Happy, It's The End Of The World

5. Pledge of Allegiance


7. Haven't Slept In Years (LOTGA)

8. Empty Road (Giant is a great song. But Empty Road.. damn. Probably the best song off WLRRR. Well, maybe not better than Blue Skies. You get it.)

9. Under the Influence

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NoC, Can you describe the methodology of the pair ups, they always seem to be a good song vs. an obvious shitty one, or a recent one vs. an old folk demo

First I paired off all the same name tracks.

I.e. Near Fantastica (HOSAM) vs Near Fantastica

and the rooms songs against their originals..


for the rest.. i listed the songs in discographical order..

i.e. alabama motel room = 1st song raygun = #12 deep six =#16 and so forth..


then i took my mp3 player.. put it to shuffle mode..

and pressed next. whatever song track came up. i looked for the corresponding number.. so if song number #47 started playing.. i looked at the list and chose chose #47. and so forth. that's why there were some really chainsaw-vs-chihuahua (born to kill vs umbrellaless) type matches and other matches that were definitely round 2 or 3 calibre (we're so heavy vs 21st century... or giant vs empty road)

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We're So Heavy lost, that is a tragedy.



1.Strange Days

2.Running For Home

3.She's Got A New Disguise (Chainsaw)

4.Look Happy, It's The End Of The World

5.Pledge of Allegiance (duh)

6.Let's Get It On (too easy)

7.Haven't Slept In Years (Raygun)

8.Giant (first tough choice in this group)

9.Heather's Like Sunday (tough choice)

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