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just throw away your blues and use your red and whites.


ehh ehh ehh?? lol.

i love rich's laughing gestures from carmelina..

how hes like "ehh.. wasnt that an awesome joke" type laugh..

;) i put that clip in the best of video.

Yeah that part's awesome. I hope you put in the part in Anti-Pop where he's giving the cops the finger.

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Be patient/polite, ask security when he'll come out, talk to previous opening musicians. That's how I got the opportunity to meet him in Grand Rapids, MI.

Grand Rapids? How long ago was that? During the US Beautiful Midnight tour I'd assume...

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seriously, he's just a man


it's not like he is carried out on the shoulders of his security and whisked away to his guarded limo


just wait outside the stage doors after anyshow, and he will some out and shake your hand and sign your shit


i hear matt goods not a real asshole

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i hear matt goods not a real asshole

;) I actually got him to sign a poster to that effect when i got to go to his sound check last time he was in town. I have the "i hear matt good's a real asshole" shirt framed and hung on my wall so I asked him to sign my poster saying he wasen't really an asshole or something like that. So he signed the poster "that shirt was the worst idea i ever had". I love it, they are both hanging in my basement now side by side.

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