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Emo? The music is very creepy and Matt sounds like a beatnik in it. I can practically hear him snapping his fingers and beating the bongos in his lap.


I thought both NAFL and HTB were interesting reworked and sounded good to me but I did like the originals better. It might be a toss up for NAFL, probably would depend on my mood.

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I like the new NAFL. I like all of the songs on Rooms better than the originals except Apparitions, Strange Days and Advertising On Police Cars which I like equally as much as the originals.


I think the whole purpose of Rooms was more than just to make an acoustic record but to change up the sound on the songs and experiment a little. It probably wouldn't have been as interesting if he had played and sung the songs exactly the same way.

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yeah, the acoustic version is better than the original, to me. The original did nothing for me.


I was shocked when i saw he was going to be doing it acoustically, would have been pretty low on my list for songs he could have chose.


Awesome job though, i like the feeling to it now.

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Rooms version made me love this song when before it bored me.

Eerie and fucking beautiful.


Oh, and on the issue of the "compilation, nothing new" thing. I really do think that In A Coma was primarily meant for newer or less hardcore fans, yet still giving hardcore fans something other than a best-of (with rooms, the videos, the "making of"). Kinda smart when you think of it... you get sales from both the huge fans and the new/less huge fans.

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i wasn't impressed, and everything but Rooms is stuff i could listen to whenever i wanted a year ago.

What did you expect from a greatest hits collection? 3 disks worth of entirely new, exclusive songs?

Heh, imagine this, an releasing a greatest hits compliation with new material entirely... Now that's what I can revolutionairy! B)

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