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Prime Time Deliverance(rooms)

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Anyone else hate how he keeps switching from high register to low register and vice versa??? i love this song but i wish he had just stuck with one.the whole song in just one register would have been much better. the song just seems to lose its flow when he switched back and forth.

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At first I didn't like the switching registers thing but now I like it. I like that he used his lower register a lot in Rooms because we haven't heard that in a while. As for cutting off the ending I didn't like that at first either but then I realized that the song is more effective when it ends on "headlight morning glow". The rest really isn't that necessary.

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On both versions, the "headlight morning glow" bit gives me goosebumps. Can't tell why, or even name another song that does it...

I get the exact same way. The very first time I was listening to Rooms, I literally had to stop what I was doing when I heard the line.

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Hello Time Bomb on Rooms is beautiful...surprised that more people don't like it. It's such a cool take on it.


I didn't like PTD at first.. but it's grown on me. I guess the songs that were really changed throw people off (including me). I really dug North American For life too.. for the first time actually.. but i'm sure others hate it.


Strange thing this music stuff. ;)



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