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Commodore Ballroom?

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I live in the US. We do not have care cards.

Any government issued ID works, as long as it has your name and signature on it.


I don't know what kind of cards Americans carry...any kind of health card, social security, passport, birth certificate, etc etc.

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Damn.... this would've been my first MG show, after missing countless ones due to work... but my girlfriend asked a bunch of people too and they said she'd be ID'd for sure. I don't want to just go alone even if I have been waiting for this. I guess I'll have to wait until the next album...

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Ok guys, people don't really scan barcodes at bars. If they think that it is fake they will either deny you or take it away. But anyway, my first MG show at rhe commodore I was underage but I ahd the best fake ID and I lost it. Anyway after spazing for a while, my friend and I just walked right in like we owned the place and no one asked me for ID. Maybe it was a miracle but it's worht a try. And just as an exclaimer I was also kicked out of the Misfits concert the previous year for having shitty ID but good luck!

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Every time I've been to a show at the Commodore, I've been IDed. And I most certainly do not look under 19.

Though I've never seen them use the scanner, so who knows about that. I've only ever seen that at one place I've been to. Granted, I don't go "clubbing" very often...

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