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Gen-x-wing (rooms) Tab

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It's a pretty easy song to play. The notes for the verse are: Am, F, C, G(only the top two strings). From F to C to G is a easy progression. The notes for the chorus are generally the same except instead of Am, you play a variation of Dm with the high E string left open. Dm, F, C, G. The funny thing is, Tripoli is pretty much the same notes...Am, F, C, variation of G...you just pick them through and then strum them for the chorus. If you play guitar enough, you can figure it out as long as you have the notes.

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does anyone have the tabs to any other Rooms songs?

tripoli is basically identical to the AOB version, except he's using open chords instead of power chords.



F, C, Am, E


last time through (before the chorus)


F, C, G




F, Am, C, G and so on.

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