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I saw this today, and got it set aside for me when i get paid friday.


I was pissed off though. "Boys Republic" and "Bumble D" were both missing. "Boys Republic" has been evading me since i was in grade 8. White Pony Limited Edition was sold out by the time i had money saved up ;)

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i was pissed because of the re-issues of white pony! to me, that was the best deftones album. i do like a around the fur, but white pony is the best. i have never heard boys republic, but i think i'll download it.

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i use an apple!


and it's like only a minute to download for me



hey! thanks for the download though! it's way better then the one that i downloaded which wasn't anything ;) EL BASTARDO's for doing that! gawd, i hate downloading music from p2p. it's such a waste.

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Everything on it I already had and i think its probably the worst b-sides collection in a while. Easy access to all the songs on it, all over the net. That isnt b-sides, thats putting songs from the net to a cd and selling it. How about more demos, unreleased outtakes, etc.

Yeah I've heard that most if not all of that stuff has been around for downloading on the net, but I've never bothered to hear any of it except 2 or 3 songs, so it was mostly new to me, thought it was quite alright as a result.

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