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Yoko Ono Disses Paul Mccartney

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i understand where everyone's feelings of hate and anger towards paul are coming from, but you can't negate the fact that he's one of the best song writers ever (along with john, don't have a shit fit). he may not be in it for the art, but he's still responsible for great songs like "eleanor rigby" and "for no one" (my personal favorite).


it's easy to dismiss paul because of his personality, but if you do so, you're overlooking a huge and integral part of the beatles and popular music in general.

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Yeah i don't care. He's made too many shitty songs to be saved by a scarce few. I would've been perfectly happy had Paul never been born. And in my opinion Yoko > Paul. Because Paul ruined The Beatles way before she did.

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she's such a headcase.


paul mccartney is the greastest songwriter alive. he's earned the right to be full of himself. when you're as talented as he is, you can get away with being that cocky.


it just makes sense that he play all his own instruments if he's capable of it.


john was quite talented, but it was paul who coaxed him out of his shell, and gave him the confidence to write the way he did.


it's fact that the beatles were going to break up eventually, but yoko put unnecessary strain on the band. whether paul left first or not, is irrelevant.

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Alright...this will be great.


Paul IS full of himself. He's Paul McCartney. He was a Beatle. More importantly, not Ringo.


He plays all the instruments in his new video because he plays all of the instruments on his new album (which, I was surprised to find out, was Nigel Godrich's idea, not Paul's...).


And while we're talking about full of themselves, I don't think anyone was more full of it than John and Yoko themselves, or rather, JohnandYoko itself. Sure, Yoko is a flake but she and John deserved each other. John needed Paul just as much as Paul needed John. Don't get me wrong, I love them both, but Paul had a better sense of melody where John had better lyrics. Mostly.


John was not a saint, he was just as much ego as Paul. If he were still alive I wonder what people would think.


And sorry, but I gotta ask, when exactly did Paul ruin the Beatles? Cuz I'm pretty sure he was the Beatles for the last year before they broke up. Paul was the last one to quit, if I remember correctly, which was long after they'd stopped being the Beatles already.

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Paul is a fucking knight.



How can you not be full of yourself if you were knighted?



Plus, if you're Paul Mcartney, wouldnt you be full of yourself?


You're practically the most famous person in the world. Theres no way you cant let it get to you.

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Which is more "full of yourself"? To spend your honeymoon in a bed in a hotel in an effort at achieving world peace, or leaving the Beatles to start a shit-band like Wings?


That's right. Everyone remember Wings? They sure as shit gave Paul a wake-up call...

Look, they all sucked post-Beatles.


John left and was recording on his own before the Beatles broke up officially, putting out crap like "Cold Turkey". Paul did two solo albums post-Beatles and then the god-awful Wings emerged.

The real sad part is they never even gave Paul a wake-up call...they got really successful.

And seriously, the bed-in was the most ridiculous full-of-yourself idea ever. How about Bagism?

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